Create Azure bot and connect to MS Team (no code)

At time there are times when users ask the same question over and over again. For example, how to reset my password or where can i find the latest communication and so on. Inspite having the information being published and communicated user tend to ask service desk on how to do stuff. Service desk handling these request could focus on something better if a person answer repeated and known issues just typing on Teams chat.

Azure is getting bigger and better, now it is possible to have someone answer those question within a minute.

So how to do that?

Azure bot service helps to achieve that. There are tools which can help you build it from scratch without typing a single line of code.

Q and A Maker

Login to, with Azure credentials.

Click on ‘Create a knowledge base’, this is the place where you start.  Any further changes to the existing knowledge base is under ‘My Knowledge bases’

Click on “Create a QnA service” to start creating a conversation question and answer layer

This will take you to Azure portal, fill in the details.  After filling out this form, you are essentially creating

  1. Azure Search – This is used to index the data (You can choose free.  It can indexes upto 3)
  2. App Service – This host as a runtime.  This is the compute engine (it is on standard service S.  You can change this from app service portal to F1 which is free)

Note: You can choose Pricing Tier as ‘F0’ which is free.  I’ve used up mine, so that is grey out.

Once you create, you are back to

Step 2, is to connect to QnA service which we just created

Next step is to Name your Knowledge base and feed in the knowledge.  This is very nicely built and very user friendly.  Here is my reason,

  1. All you have to do is to upload them or if you have a website which has the FAQ, you can simple type in the URL.  You don’t have to type FAQ all over again.
  • If you type in the URL which has the FAQ listed, QnA maker automatically render through he website and extract FAQ from it.  You can add multiple source
  • Finally, you can define a character to your bot. You can have a bot who respond professionally or friendly

Finally, you click the Create your KB

There you go, you get place where you get to see all your questions and answers.  You get to add/remove/modify question.  Depending on the type of customer you can modify the KB.  You can come back any time to update/remove items.  You can hand over this task to team who can manage this for you.

So, you can do some testing to see how your bot respond.  Click ‘Test’ button on the top right corner and chat

All you have to do now is ‘Publish’ it.  Click the publish button on the top right corner

Click publish,

Now, Click Create Bot

This will publish the bot to Azure.  You need to verify the details

You can now navigate to Azure bot service to find it is list there.  Now you need to use this bot in to your channel.  Channel is the place where you interact with the bot. 

I’m going to connect my Teams.  Navigate to Channels, under Bot management

After you connect your teams, just click on Microsoft Teams, (if you are signed in it will connect to your Teams automatically)

You can back this as an app and upload to your apps in Microsoft teams.

To know how to publish,