Deleting a particular email in Exchange 2010

Recently I’ve encountered a scenario to delete a particular message with a certain subject. Which is no big deal

Export-Mailbox -TargetMailbox “To Mailbox to which you wanted to copy the mails” -TargetFolder ” To Delete” -SenderKeywords “Sender id” -SubjectKeywords ”Subject of the mail that you want to delete” –DeleteContent

The above command will search the Mail which matches the “Sender id” and “Subject.

Hmm. But the above command only applies to Exchange 2007 only. So what if you want to delete an email in Exchange 2010. I googled around and i came across reading lot things, but couldnt get to the bottom.

After an hour i’ve zeroed down to the following command

Get-Mailbox | Search-Mailbox -DeleteContent -SearchQuery “sub:Subject of the message”,from:”Senderemail address”

This will search all the mailbox in the organisation [ you can use -ResultSize unlimited to include more than 1000 users] for the mail that matches the subject and the sender email address. -DeleteContent will delete those emails.

Along with this, using -TargetMailbox “Mailbox” will copy the mails and summary of the Deletion.


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