Cannot view the certificate on the server – Resolved

Few weeks back i have posted about an issue “Certificate Missing on the Server – BUG?” –

I was just googling around without sucess and finally figured out that turned out to be a “Permission issue”. But how?

when we do Get-ExchangeCertificate, it pulls the list of certificate from the location “All Users Profile\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA folder”.

So if you manually navigate to the location, you will find all the certificate installed on the server. You can double click one of them which you dont find it while running the get-exchangecertificate, it throws and error message saying “You dont have permission”

To make these certificate appears in the Get-ExchageCertificate, you have to do the following

Under the All Users Profile\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\S-1-5-18

Click on the advanced tab – owner tab – select administrator, it might shows “cant display the information”, therefore click on administrator and then apply
Add owner rights to administrator account
Now can view the security tab and summary tab
Under security lab – clicked on advanced , checked “allow inheritance”

But why it should be a permission issue though im an administrator?….

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