Certificate Missing on the Server – BUG?

I recently was trying to update the certificate to add a new domain to it. I generated a new CSR file and i got a new certificate from the “Third Party CA”.

All the pre-requisite for installing the certificate was perfect (I thought so). I thought i can get the information of the old certificate that already exist on the server before i install the new one and i ran “Get-ExchangeCertificate”. To my surprise there is no certificate. I was like “WTF”

So, then through MMC i started looking out for a certificate which on this local computer. Damn!! i can see the certificate that i’m looking for in the certifcate store.

Then why the hell powershell didnt show me the certificiate when i ran the command. Bigggg Question. Later i asked the guy who installed this old certificate to check it, he was able to see the certificate through powershell. He said the he followed the right thing to install the certificate.

For testing, i tried importing the new certificate that i got through shell and enabled the services. I was able to replace the old certificate. Now again, i asked the other guy to check it. He cant find the cert that i installed.

The original problem is solved – but why am i not able to see the certificate was installed by someone and vice versa.

Point to note : –
1. When you type Get-ExchangeCertificate and if you cannot find it – Don’t Panic
2. Always use MMC console to check the required or existing certificate is available or not.
3. Dont use different others profile and install the certificate, later you may feel “OMG, My Cert is missing”


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