Mail is not reaching the Inbox

In recent past, we had few cases with  “Incoming emails to the server does not reach the users inbox” problem.  In all the instances we were able to fix the problem with solution provided in this email.

Issue : Incoming emails to the server does not reach the users inbox

Solution : Follow the steps if the conditions are satisfied

Condition 1 :  Do is message tracking

Condition 2 :  If the email either in the Deleted items or Recover deleted items (Dumpster)

Step 1 : download and run the mfcmapi.exe

Step 2 : Follow these steps to delete the junk email rule

1.      Click Mfcmapi.exe

2.      Click Session -> click Logon And Display Store Table

3.      Choose the Profile Name -> click ok

4.      Click MDB -> Get Mailbox Table

5.      Double click on the user Mailbox

6.      Expand Top of information Store table

7.      Right Click on the inbox -> Open Assosicated Mailbox

8.      Right click on the Junk email rule ->Delete messages

Step 3 : Close the outlook of the user and reopen it again

Reason : The emails are routed to the Dumpster or the Deleted items due to the corrupted junk email rule installed by the IMF.

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