X:400 NDR Error when sending emails to E2K7 Server

I’ve recently come across a problem where, For Exchange 2003 and 2007 co-existence environment, When an mail-enabled object is created, the x:400 address will not be stamped.

This would result in an NDR’s with the recipient name “BsB57FD40C9308F7479BF159E9F227E5DD_



This would happen because of mission X:400 address


  • The Exchange 2003 RUS is responsible to update the object attributes in a co-exist Environment.
  • The Recipient Update Service has three System Policies that are installed by default when you install Exchange 2003. They are “Mail Enable Recipient”, “Mailbox Enable User” and “Hidden DL membership”.
  • If the recipient update service identifies than a new entry was added (or modified), and it does have the mailNickname to be considered mail-enabled.  Therefore, by default, the purportedsearch attribute should be below:





  • You can locate the “Mail Enable Recipient” object by using Adsiedit.msc tool:

CN=Mail Enable Recipient, CN=System Policies, CN=ORG_NAME, CN=Microsoft Exchange, CN=Services, CN=Configuration, DC=DOMAIN_NAME,DC=com

  • The user, contact and public folder object which have mailnickname and targetaddress (not for public folder) attributes.

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