Slow Mail flow?

Would the Disk bottleneck affect the mail flow?

As well all know, yes that will “affect the slow or affect” the mail flow


Every message that is received by an SMTP gateway is saved to a disk.

  • With a default message size of 50 KB, about 7 to 8 disk writes occur for each message processed by the SMTP gateway.
  • This behavior is expected. Generally, SMTP performs 7 disk writes for every message queued that is smaller than 32 KB.
  • An SMTP gateway’s write buffer is 32 KB. Therefore, messages that are larger than 32 KB require an additional disk write for every 32 KB.

For example, a 100-KB message requires 10 disk writes to save the message in the queue.than 1 GB of memory.

it is good to run EXTRA to check the disk bottleneck and blame the “Third party” with a proof J

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